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Beyond the Terrace Walk is the Woodland Garden, encircled by an evergreen screen, the garden has a wide range of covetable and interesting plants.


Previously densely planted with a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees, this area has been dramatically changed in the last 70 years.

Miss Raphael, owner between 1939 and 1976, had this area dramatically changed.  Deciduous and evergreen trees were removed and in the cleared area, potatoes were planted during the war period.  The ground was then being prepared for the planting of the wide range of plants she had chosen for her woodland garden.  Familiar with many gardens both at home and abroad, the garden boasts some truly wonderful plants thanks to her adventurous choices.

Then and now, it was intended to be a garden for the whole year round.  Cornus kousa, Cornus controversa variegata, Magnolia campbellii, magnolia heptpeta, Rhodotyphus scandens, Stewartia pseudocamellia, Illicium henryii, pterocarya Fraxinifolia and Euchryphia x intermedia Rostreveor are just some of the large plants flourishing today.

More recent introductions include Viburnum plicatum Dart’s Red Robin, Hamamelis, Magnolia Susan (see image below) and Magnolia Elizabeth.  In the late winter and early spring, aconites, snowdrops in variety, crocus, narcissi and hellebores are seen.

Magnolia Susan Flower

In Woodland Garden, the following plants might be of special interest:

  • Abelia triflora
  • Acer palmatum – ‘Shishio improved’
  • Cornus controversa variegata
  • Cornus kousa
  • Cornum mas
  • Cladastris lutea
  • Eucryphia x intermedia Rostrevor
  • Fritillaria imperialis
  • Illicium henryii
  • Lactuca bourgei
  • Magnolia campbellii
  • Magnolia x loebneri
  • Magnolia heptapeta
  • Magnolia x soulangeana
  • Magnolia Susan
  • Paeonia delavayi
  • Paeonia lutea var ludlowii
  • Philadelphus Beauclerk
  • Pterocarya fraxinifolia
  • Rhodotypos scandens
  • Rosa Paul’s Himalayan Musk
  • Rosa Rambling Rector
  • Rosa Seagull
  • Sorbus reducta
  • Stewartia pseudocamellia
  • Veratrum niger & album
  • Viburnum x Hilleri
  • Viburnum plicatum – Dart’s Red Robin
  • Viburnum pragense