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The formality of the stables border on the south side of the lawns is created by the Irish yews, which are planted at 20 foot intervals giving the impression of bays within the border.  Established trees and shrubs here include Osmanthus delavayi, Sarcococca hookeriana, Magnolia Betty, Robinia x ambigua ‘Decaisneana’, Ribes speciosum and Nellia tibetica.

Along the Stables Boarder you can see:

  • Berberis coxii
  • Berberis valdiviana
  • Bupleurum fruticosum
  • Clematis x jouiniana
  • Magnolia Betty
  • Mahonia lomariifolia
  • Nandina domestica
  • Neillia thibetica
  • Osmanthus delavayi
  • Philadelphus virginal
  • Ribes speciosum
  • Robinia x ambigua ‘Decaisneana’
  • Rosa Albéric Barbier
  • Rosa majalis (Cinnamon rose)
  • Rosa Mutabilis
  • Sarcococca hookeriana