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Maps from the 18th Century indicate that the area of the garden to the immediate east and north of the house was formal in layout and today, this remains the case.  The lawns, once graced by majestic trees, are now largely open, allowing the visitor to enjoy looking at this beautiful house.  The open vista from the east looking up the beech avenue towards the house framed by the four Wellingtonias planted around 1860, confirm the importance of this historic house both within and beyond its immediate landscape.

The long mixed border immediately north of the house is planted with roses, a wide range of perennial and herbaceous plants and in spring, snowdrops and tulips.  At the far end, a large Magnolia soulangeana makes a dramatic backdrop when in bloom in late spring.  Against the south facing wall beyond is a large Albizia julibrissin “Persian Silk Tree”, free flowering this blooms between July and September.  Next to it, is a large Chimonanthus praecox ‘Wintersweet” which blooms in late winter.  Passing the ornamental gate Wisteria sinensis, Akebia quinata, Rosa banksiae ‘lutea’ and Wisteria sinensis Alba are planted against the south facing wall of the Terrace Walk.

The formal earlier garden is easily imagined with the standard Prunus lusitanica “Portuguese Laurel” around the fountain.  With an underground cistern it suggests there has long been a water feature here.

Beyond the small ornamental gate, steps lead up to the terrace border.  This has been planted over the last 20 years in the manner of a dry garden with cistus, iris and other drought tolerant plants giving interest and colour through the seasons.  Rosa Paul’s Himalayan Musk and Rosa Wickwar and wisteria scramble high up into the 300 year old yews which grow alongside the terrace wall.  At the end of the terrace is the Pavilion.  Almost certainly dating from the early 18th Century, this was probably originally used as an outdoor banqueting room.  The windows have the same wide glazing bars found in the house and there are lovely views over the garden.

On the Lawns and the Terrace you can find:

  • Akebia quinata
  • Albizia julibrissin – ‘Persian silk tree’
  • Chimonanthus praecox – ‘Wintersweet’
  • Clematis armandii
  • Clematis rehderiana
  • Magnolia grandiflora
  • Magnolia x soulangeana
  • Prunus lusiticanica – on Fountain lawn
  • Quercus rubra
  • Rosa Charles de Mills
  • Rosa de Rescht
  • Rosa Louise d’Arzens
  • Rosa Russelliana
  • Rhaphiolepsis umbellata
  • Wisteria sinensis
  • Wisteria sinensis alba