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Garden park has two distinct areas.

The larger southern part is dominated by the Beech Avenue Fagus sylvatica planted in 1952 to replace an earlier avenue which was felled at the outbreak of WWII when both the East Park and Garden Park were used for temporary hangars and Nissen huts needed from Kingston Bagpuize Airfield.  Fortunately the Wellingtonias were spared perhaps because of their proximity to the house, stable courtyard buildings and also because they were probably only about 50 feet tall compared to the estimate of 145 feet today.

After the war it was several years before Miss Raphael could reclaim these areas of parkland back and it wasn’t until 1952 that replanting could begin.  Leading from the Wellingtonias the beech avenue today frames the dramatic view the visitor has as they approach the house.

In the northern area of Garden Park, Miss Raphael planted a variety of ornamental trees which today are magnificent examples of their species including Liriodendron tulipfera, Fagus sylvatica Dawyck and Picrasma quassiodes.  A fern leaved beech Fagus sylvatica asplenifolia half reverted to Fagus sylvatica (the graft plant) demonstrates the problems which may affect grafted plants.  Two 100 year old Sweet Chestnuts Castanea sativa dominate the border of Garden Park with the Woodland Garden.  In 1996 more trees, including Paulownia fargesii, Catalpa bignonioides and Olea europaea were planted in this area to mark the birth of the Grant’s second child, Alexander; following a Grant family traditional started in 1994 when oak and beech trees were planted in West Park to mark the birth of the Grant’s first child, Elizabeth.  More recent planting includes Cedrus libani, Acer palmatum ‘Autumn Glory’ and Magnolia Star Wars.  From early spring aconites, snowdrops crocus tommasinanus, daffodils and narcissi flower in succession.

  • Acer palmatum  – ‘Autumn Glory’
  • Eucalyptus gunnii
  • Eucalyptus niphophlia
  • Fagus sylvatica Dawyck
  • Liriodendron tulipfera
  • Magnolia Starwars
  • Paulownia fargesii